By the Decisions of the investors, "The National Council of the Slovak National Minority", the interior of the future museum space for the Museum of Vojvodinian Slovaks was designed in the facility built as a hops warehouse at Marshal Tito 23 in Bački Petrovac.
The hops warehouse is a rectangular ground-plan building with an annex containing the dryer. The storeys are GF + I + II + Attic. The building is set with the longer axis parallel to the street. The construction line is drawn deep into the plot in respect to the alignment line. The building is set along the southwestern border of the plot and takes up the entire width. The plot is surrounded on three sides by brick ramparts and the street side is open.
The original function of the building was drying and storage of hops, and the floors are organized as a single space without walls. There is access to the drying area on each floor except the ground floor. The dryer consists of two vertical shafts extending throughout the height of the building separated by a wall and merging into a single space in the attic. The dryer was divided into three spaces along its height by steel grates.
The basic idea of the future of space is determined by the inherited spatial concepts, construction, execution, design and functional organization of the existing building and is based on the idea of simultaneous respect for its worth as industrial and commercial heritage and providing a new, high quality, attractive and modern space that will, on an equal footing with the historic environment, tell its own, current story. The design solution is in general and in detail customized to the existing architecture. The shaping and decoration of the facades are fully preserved, while the interior design is customized, even subordinated to the existing interior of the building, which is a result of the space established by a powerful wooden structure made ​​of vertical support pillars and a continuous series wooden plafond beams. To ensure the smooth functioning of the facility in contemporary terms, new facilities will be installed in the current central-courtyard wing of the building. One of the original dryer silos is planned to accommodate stairs and lifts, while the other floors will receive new applications needed for the modern functioning of a building. Technical facilities for housing thermo-mechanical installations will be located in the newly designed southwestern four-storey annex, which is connected to the floors of the existing building, while the hydro-technical equipment will be housed in a newly designed northwest ground floor annex, which is also planned for the courtyard of the building.

The newly designed solutions provide all the facilities necessary for the functioning of the future modern public exhibition space, with all necessary operational facilities for museum purposes.