With the expansion of the cult of the Holy Branković family, Krušedol Monastery got another role – it became the royal endowment - and is so remembered in the collective memory related to Fruska Gora monasteries . That's what a special way The monastery treasury , which houses treasures left by the founders and patrons , but also a large number of subsequent great historical Serbian figures testifies to this in a special way. Once among the richest treasuries of the monasteries , Krušedol treasury was devastated in the Second World War. After the war, the valuables were returned to the Patriarchate of the Serbian Orthodox Church , where they remained as the backbone of its museum.
The items which remained in the monastery museum  are listed and analyzed and a part have been restored ready for display. The Reconstruction Project of Krušedol Monastery provides for the establishment of a modern museum exhibition in the west wing of the dormitory, which will testify to the rich history of the monastery and the exhibited objects of fine and applied art and precious books to complement the story of the importance of the Krušedol Monastery in Serbian history. For this purpose, professional contributions were given by several institutions dealing with the protection of cultural heritage. The experts of The Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments designed and are now implementing supervision over the formation of a new space for the treasury, the Gallery of Matica Serbia took over the museum treatment of fine and applied arts, conservation and restoration of paintings and graphics and publishing the results of the project. The Matica Serbia cataloged and restored the old and rare books from the holdings of the Treasury, and the Museum of Vojvodina took the conservation and restoration of objects of applied art . Valuable assistance in the investigation and processing of the catalog material was provided by the Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade .