The large number of projects and important tasks at home and abroad that The Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments has performed in its over 60 years of successful business have placed it in high demand among partner institutions in many international activities, especially those with a cultural content. Decades ago, international cooperation entailed organizing exhibitions and participation in seminars and conferences. The development of the professional and contemporary work practices, moving closer to EU membership and a growing awareness of belonging to a common European cultural area, has opened new opportunities for collaboration across a variety of international projects, rich publishing activities in English and Italian, the international exchange of experts and the continued education of employees. Thus The Institute, as partner, has participate in two major international projects: Heromat and the IPA CBC program signed by Serbia and Hungary and has signed agreements with a number of cultural institutions and organizations from the European Union and the countries of the region. The Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments has a leading position in the preparation of the several international projects in which it is participating, as a representative cultural institutions in the region and because of the great experience and professional qualifications of employees in specific tasks of conservation and restoration of cultural heritage,