The Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments has received numerous awards and recognitions in its over 60 years of activity in the protection of cultural heritage



Patriarch's Certificate of Patriarch Pavle, 1994
Order of the Holy Orthodox Church Bishop Maksim, Diocese of Srem, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the founding of Krušedol Monastery(1509), 2009.
Certificate of Vasilije Bishop of Srem
Certificate of Lukijan, Bishop of Osijek Polje and Baranja, 1996
Certificate of Hrizostom, Bishop of Banat, 1998
Certificate of Irinej, Bishop of Bačka
Recognition on 150 years anniversary of protection of Cultural Monuments in Serbia 1844-1994. Jubilee commemorative medal for contributions to the preservation of cultural heritage
Award for publishing, 54th International Belgrade Book Fair  2009, for the project “Monastery Krušedol”  author Miroslav Timotijević
Diploma, 56th International Belgrade Book Fair 2011 for the photomonograph “Szentendre”  author Dinko Davidov
First Prize, Book Fair, Novi Sad  for art and technical arrangement of the book “Monasteries of Fruska Gora” by Branka Kulić and Nedeljka Srećkov, 1995
Certificate of Galerija Matice Srpske on the occasion of its 150th anniversary,  1997
Carska Lavra Monastery Krušedol, Recognition for work on renovation of Carska Lavra on the celebration of the Great movements of the Serbs 1690- 1990
Recognition – appreciation of Monastery Ravanica, Vrdnik for restoration of the Monastery, 1994
Recognition – appreciation of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Senta for restoration of the Church of the Holy Archangel Michael in Senta, 1990AWARD-GRATITUDE FOR RECONSTRUCTION, monastery of Saint Nikola,  Banja
AWARD-GRATITUDE FOR adaptation of Church and movement of the relics of Holy Father Nikolaj in Jasa Tomić Serbian Orthodox Church, Jasa Tomic, 2000
AWARD-GRATITUDE for successful cooperation, Gallery Sava Sumanović, Sid, 1978
AWARD-GRATITUDE for successful cooperation, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Sremska Mitrovica
Award for successful cooperation, Institute of Urban planning, Zrenjanin 1976
Certificate of The Museum of Vojvodina for contribution to research of the locality Gomolava 1986
Certificate of Conservation institute of Croatia for contribution to development of the Institute, 1976
Certificate for years of successful work and contribution to the protection of Cultural Heritage in the Danube region, The Regional Institute of Cultural Monuments in Smederevo in 1990
Certificate of Serbian Conservators Society for outstanding contributions to the protection of cultural monuments on the occasion of the 600 anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo in 1990,
Certificate of the Serbian Archaeological Society on the Centenary of its foundation for contribution to the development of the Society and significant achievements in improving Archeological Science, 1983
Certificate for successful cooperation and contributions to the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kraljevo, 1975,
Recognition of successful cooperation on the 50th anniversary of the National Museum  of Pancevo, 1973,
Recognition of  successful cooperation on the 40th  anniversary of the National Museum and Archives, Kikinda, 1986