OPEN AIR MUSEUM IN THE SAVIĆ HOUSE IN NEŠTIN - Construction of replica Susek houses.


Previous works on the Sav house open-air museum project completed two phases of the project.
Works in 2012, financed by the Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Media, the municipality of Backa Palanka and The Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Petrovaradin, completed ​​the repair, conservation and restoration of the Sav house  wattle and fencing and the purchase and transfer of a barn by sled from Susek.
After the implementation of public procurement of works - Construction and equipment for the open-air museum complex "Sav house" in Nestin - JN OP 08/06/2013, at the end of July 2013, work began on the implementation of:
- Construction of replica Susek  houses with outbuildings,
- Construction of bread ovens
- The repair, conservation and restoration of the Susek barn
(purchased and transferred to the immediate surroundings of the Savic house in 2012)
- Works on routine maintenance of the Savic house.
This year's work is financed by the Provincial Department of Culture and Public Information, Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society and the municipality of Backa Palanka.

Contracting and supervision of works is carriedout by The Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Petrovaradin, and the work is performed by D.O.O. "Architecture-Proing" from Novi Sad.

Phases of the project are carried out on the basis of:
1.Main architectural and construction project
Construction and equipping of the Savić house open-air museum complex
E-03-140/24-2012 of 10.06.2013.
Professional team: mr Mirjana Đekić, ethnologist
Suzana Ljubičić arh.tehnician
Veljko Novaković, construction technician
Chief designer: Jelena Filipović, dia.
2 Location permit number IV-05-353-45/2013 of 24.06.2013 and Building permit number IV-05-351-222/2013 from 30/07/2013, both issued by the administration of Backa Palanka municipality, Department of Urban Planning and Construction.
Building a replica of an old house with outbuildings from Susek,was carried out fully in accordance with the authentic look of the original building. The position on the plot and dimensions were determined through a site plan that is an integral part of the project.
The foundations of the buildings were laid in the traditional way and the walls were built of unbaked brick with mud mortar. The roof and ceiling construction are of old materials, and roofing material is reed.
 All the walls, inside and outside are plastered with several layers of mud mortar and finished with whitewash, while the wooden elements were treated by soaking in hot varnish or refined machine oil, depending on the type of element and position in the building.
For the purpose of preservation, presentation and promotion of cultural monuments of great importance, the development of cultural and wine tourism, presentation of the folk architecture of Fruska Gora, implementation of the concept - the preservation in situ of the Savic house and transfer of buildings (houses and outbuildings from Susek , house from Čerević, barn, bread ovens ....) under previous protection to the protected land was organized by the Savić house open-air museum complex. This will enrich the area with new facilities, and give the Savic house a self-sustaining role, ensuring its preservation.
The aim of the project is to turn the area into a tourist presentation of the Danube region and Fruska Gora, for the development of cultural and wine tourism.