From 14.10. to 29.10. 2013 a team of experts from The Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments conducted investigatory works on the interior of the Greek Catholic Church in Krstur.
The team comprised of Olivera Brdarić painter – conservator - rukovodilac radova, Jasna Gulan painter - conservator, Vladimir Petrović painter - conservator, Miloš Vujaklija sculptor – conservator, Radoslav Filipović arh. technician - conservator, and Bogdan Janjušević art historian.
The work was performed to assess the situation and make a project for conservation and restoration works .

The iconostasis was made in the period 1891/94 . and is the work of the painter Arsenije Teodorović and woodcarver Arsenije Marković. A thorough record of its condition in regular and UV light, and using UV and IR filters was made. Preventive fixing of all comprmised parts of the paint to the substrate was also performed. Micro-fragments of the paint layer and gilding were taken for physico- chemical analysis. Probes were done for means of removing dirt deposits from different areas and overpainting of the original, which was confirmed to be present in several layers, as is also the case with the throne and the pulpit and in gilding and plating with marbling. The same situation is present in the wall paintings and wall decorations as evidenced by the inscriptions on the walls and vault of the church . The drafting of a project for conservation and restoration works on the interior of the church continues