From 09.09.- 25.09.2013 a team of experts from The Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments conducted investigatory works on the iconostasis of Bezdin Monastery. The iconostasis was built from 1793 to 1802 and is the work of woodcarver Aksentija Marković and painter Jakov Orfelin. The team comprised of Olivera Brdarić painter – conservator - rukovodilac radova, Jasna Gulan painter - conservator, Vladimir Petrović painter - conservator, Miloš Vujaklija sculptor – conservator, Radoslav Filipović arh. technician - conservator, and Bogdan Janjušević art historian – conservator
In 1991 / 93 a team from the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Belgrade dismantled the iconostasis and temporarily place it in a room of the SOC Vicariate in Timisoara. On that occasion, preventive rehabilitation of vulnerable sections of some icons of the iconostasis and the most vulnerable parts of the gilded carving was performed. Also, three icons were stuck on the screen with wax.

This year we have conducted extensive photo documentacion works that illustrate the current condition ( in regular and UV light as well as with the use of UV and IR filters ) , repair works on vulnerable parts , sampled micro-fragments of the paint and gilding as the grounds for development of physical and chemical analysis , probed certain areas of the paint and gilding for means of removing deposits from different areas and old oxidized varnish . The Icon of the Mother of God (one of the five that are displayed in the museum set up in the Vicariate) was completely cleaned and then returned to the setting. Finally, all of the materials from the iconostasis (except panelling found fractured in the Bezdin Monastery in extremely poor conditions), is clean and safely stored in a temporary depot with suitable microclimate. In the project for conservation and restoration work on the iconostasis , the plan of work of the Institute in 2014. envisages the first phase of rehabilitation , conservation - restoration of the the most vulnerable icons in the Bezdin iconostasis.