About the Project:

The municipality of Bač cultural heritage importance was recognised and valorised quite a long time ago and from the late 1950s much has been done in terms of investigations and preservation. More recent activities in finalising the efforts put in in the framework of the “Centuries of Bač” – Integrative Protection Development Project have been going on since 2006: additional investigations, protection, presentation and proper management.

The “Centuries of Bač” Project originated as a natural response to a local community interest for preserving its heritage which was in a bad state and could not be put in use or presented to the public. The heritage exceptional value in this part of Serbia and Vojvodina is its layers of history and multicultural features, along with a specific interaction of man and the swampy, flatland terrain with the main European waterway – the Danube River.

The Bač and its surroundings architectural and archaeological heritage is a testimony to its great historical significance, whose artefacts date eight millennia back. The Bač mediaeval fortress is from the 14th century, with its castle and a town below, the Orthodox monastery of Bođani is from the 15th century, the Bač Franciscan Monastery is from the 12th century and the remains of an old Turkish bath are from the 16th century. Furthermore, the Bač heritage comprises vernacular architecture, industrial and hydro-technical structures, vast natural as well as intangible heritage. They all make an exceptional potential for developing cultural, environmental, religious and special interest tourism.

In late 2005, the Provincial Institute made a draft project called the “Centuries of Bač” (S. Vujovic, architect), then goals and action plan were set for 2006-2010 period, featuring its developmental character and integrative approach to preservation.

Project Goals:

  • Cultural heritage additional investigations, valorisation and reinterpretation;
  • Heritage authenticity preservation;
  • Enlarge the area of sustainable use;
  • Raise the local community awareness of the cultural heritage importance and values;
  • Create a sustainable model of the heritage protection process management;
  • Create conditions for development and employment based upon: scientific investigations, restoration, providing museum facilities, nurturing old crafts, cultural tourism;
  • Create prerequisites for the entire area as a cultural landscape to be inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Project Structure

A new methodological framework has been made for simultaneous multidisciplinary activities within three equally important sets of interest – project components: (A) investigations and drafting the planning documentation; (B) conservation and revitalisation; (C) management and marketing.

Those components are actually an unbroken sequence of activities, from investigations that directly condition technical protection and are also reflected in raising the awareness and participation of all the stakeholders in the protection and management process, which further on develops an interest and a need for new knowledge and for spreading the partnership.

The Provincial Institute along with the Centuries of Bač Cultural-Historical Heritage Preservation Fund manage the “Centuries of Bač” Project, providing technical support. It is an umbrella project with an open list of partners.

Project Team

Project Partners

The Museum of Vojvodina, the Gallery of Matica Srpska, University of Novi Sad: the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, the CIC, Faculty of Technology and the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad, the Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, the Public Water Management Company "Vode Vojvodine", the Society of Conservators of Serbia; Italian partners: La Societa Alto Belice Corleonese and High Institute for Conservation and Restoration in Rome.

Project Support

Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Provincial Secretariat of Culture and Public Information of AP Vojvodina, Municipality of Bač, Ministry of Culture and Economic Development of Italy, Council of Europe

Activities by 2015

  • Revalorisation, identifying a cultural property and landscape protection regimen, completing the database;
  • Creating a coordinated heritage presentation system, along with conducting additional heritage investigations, conservation, restoration and rehabilitation; 
  • Drafting a nomination file for the inscription in the World Heritage List;
  • International collaboration intensification